What is growing in your car's AC!

June 1st, 2017

Summer sun is summer fun unless you can't cool down! Even if you park in the shade, it doesn't take long for the interior of your car to turn into an oven.


Do you remember “four-sixty AC”? That's short for four windows rolled down while the car rolls along at 60 mph. My kid thinks I belong with the dinosaurs when I mention that!  She has no idea what life was like when there was no AC in the car.


So imagine our dismay a few years back to discover on the first 80 degree day that our car’s AC was not blowing cold air. We groaned.


The very first time this happened to us with another car, we paid $500 or so only to have our coolant leak out in a month's time. Our repair wasn't guaranteed, we were told. We never used that automotive shop again!


But who wants to roast, right? So we took our next car into another local auto repair shop. Shortly we learned that the AC car service was really very simple this time. No coolant was needed. No mysterious leaks were the culprit. Our air conditioning filter, also known as the cabin filter, needed replacement. Easy peasey!


You’ll never guess what the car mechanic also found when he was replacing the filter. Hold your nose, please! Over the winter a momma mouse had built a nest for her babies in our AC. Their rotting carcasses were blocking our airflow! So, so gross!


Well, you probably are not providing subsidized housing for mice. However, dust, allergens, and germs get trapped in your car’s cabin filter. Did you know this filter should be changed approximately every 12 to 15k miles? For most car owners, that's every year!


If you are noticing perpetual bad odors or reduced cold air in your vehicle, take note! It’s time to make a call to your automotive service center! http://midatlantictire.com/air-filters-easton-md


Mid-Atlantic Tire Pros is happy to provide excellent air conditioning service. If your car’s air conditioner is not working properly, their ASE certified auto mechanics will diagnose your AC problem and talk to you before performing the repair work. Happily, this car repair shop is specifically certified to work on your car’s air-conditioning system!


Not only will the best car mechanics at Mid-Atlantic Tire Pros keep you running safely, they also want to ensure your comfort wherever your summer fun may take you!

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