Summertime Travel means Check Your Coolant

May 15th, 2017

School’s almost out. Your family is so ready for a little vacation! Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner. It’s time for a get-away.


Your to-do list is growing by the minute. Don’t forget to add a visit to your local automotive service center. Why? Well, traffic, traffic, traffic!


Whether you plan to hit the beach or head to a family reunion, Memorial Day weekend is one of the busiest travel weekends of the year.


If you’re going anywhere far, you’re likely to sit in traffic. Gas prices are still really cheap for 2017. So lots of folks are going to join you on the road this year. Maybe you're not worried about the traffic. But what about your car? Is it ready?


If you’ve been so busy with end of the year school activities, it’s possible you may have forgotten about your routine car service and maintenance.


How about your car’s coolant system? Stop-and-go traffic is really tough on a malfunctioning cooling system. You need to keep hydrated in the heat. SO does your car!


Overheating your car’s engine while away from home is a vacationer’s nightmare! Not only will you risk expensive damage to your engine, you may be forced to use a car mechanic you don’t know, like, or trust.


Did you know that you should have your car’s coolant system flushed every 30 to 50 thousand miles?

On your checklist, remind yourself to check your auto maintenance records.


Next, pop open your hood. Check your coolant reservoir. Is it low? Add properly mixed coolant now. Then you need to have your coolant system checked at your local auto repair center. You could have a leaky hose or radiator!


Nothing would be more miserable than to be that family with their hood open by the side of the road in the middle of bumper to bumper traffic.


New client? Never fear! Mid-Atlantic Tire Pros will treat you better than your local dealer. With free wifi, comfortable, clean waiting room, and a free shuttle service, you’ll be happy you visited the best car repair shop in Easton!


Don’t wreck your family’s vacation memories! Here's to a safe and happy Memorial Day get-away.


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