Summer Wedding? Remember Your Car!

June 15th, 2017

3 ways to keep your car from ruining your honeymoon


Are you planning for a early summer wedding? Maybe you're thinking of ways to save money. After all, a down payment on a house would be nice, right?


So, you both have decided to stay local for your honeymoon. This means you're going to be driving one of your own cars. No one wants to call in family or friends to rescue them on the honeymoon!


1.) Make sure your car maintenance is up to date!

When it comes time for the BIG day, you don't want car issues to dampen the mood. Brakes? Tires? Fluids? Filters? Ask your car mechanic for a complete check.


If you've been keeping up with routine auto service and maintenance, hopefully no big surprises will pop up. Speaking of surprises…


2.) Be careful who you hand your keys to on your wedding day.

I knew a couple who started their honeymoon in hot, hot Texas.  They left the church and turned on their car’s air conditioner, white flour blew into their eyes. Even worse, the smell of stink bait filled the car. Ever smelled stink bait, y'all? Unfortunately, a trick like this could mean an unwanted stop at the automotive shop if they have time to squeeze you in.


3.) Don't drive distracted!

You probably have not been able to afford a self-driving car yet. So help your car out! Even if it's a well-oiled machine, it can't get you safely to your destination by itself.


Did you know that distracted driving caused 3,477 deaths and 391,000 car crash injuries in 2015 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association ( Your car and your new spouse will love you for driving safely.


Meanwhile, prep for your honeymoon and get the best car repairs and maintenance in town! Give your friends at Mid-Atlantic Tire Pros a call today.  Your new spouse and your car will feel the love!

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